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Taking the pulse to the world

Name: Manuela Santiago Teigeler
Place: Mirleft, Morocco
Years: 33
Ocupation: store owner

Which do you think is the main problem that affects the world?
The Economic System. The Economic system does not value nor protect the most important things on this planet like peace, clean water or human life. This system benefits companies that pollute and destroy, as well as encourage corruption and violations of basic human rights.

How can it be solved?
A major make-over in peoples values and the knowledge of their own power to change the world they live in. The system must either be radically made so that instead of valuing things that destry our planet and quality of life it will value things that conserve our planet and help people live better lives. For example.: instead of war and weapons, the system must encourage peace and the initiatives towards peace. there must be a new market value where peace, clean water, protection of life and civil rights (etc) is more valuable then war, weapons, death, money, power (etc.).

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
Everyone can participate, every day. People must re-evaluate what really matters over what they have been taught to matter. For example, one must think deeply about the notion of money. Is it normal that people must die of hunger because they don't have money even there is enough food? Starting by changing ourselves within, to be more harmonious with our surroundings, to pollute less, to protest when we don't agree, to talk about things that matter with others, to share together time, food, an dreams, to build together and have projects with our communities, to set an example in ourselves that can grow into a bigger movement and example to others, other communities and nations.

Which do you think is the main problem that affects you region or environment?
The loss of self confidence in communities and in individuals. People do not understand, know or believe that if they work together they can make a change. They only see the corruption, the desertification, the unemployment rates and wait, hope for a bit of change that will never come.

How can it be solved?
Once people value their own knowledge, their own culture, their own workforce and their own possibility to make change happen it will come easily. Poeple will be able to band together to make life easier, they will learn to value things of importance, they will help each other over throw the sysytem and poeple that exploit and steal from them.

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
Help people learn about themselves and what matters, help them understand that they have a choice and are not powerless, show people by example that one can achieve harmony and well being through respect, love and patience. Help people to not have fear, to be brave and to dream as well as to build, create and make change possible.

Are you happy in live? Why?
Yes. I listen to my heart, I have the knowledge that no matter what everything will be ok, I am grateful every day for the smallest and simplest things like health or food, I know that the most beautiful things in life are free and rejoice when I receive such gifts such as sunsets, a bird singing, a place of shelter and safety, a helping hand or a shared piece of bread.

How could you be happier?
Yes. Bloodshed, injustice, destruction of nature and many other horrible things make me sad, tired and sometimes fall into despair. I can never be free or happy as completely as when my fellow humans will also be free and happy. Untill then their suffering is also mine.

Which do you think is the secret of happiness?
Perspective. One must allow for hope, dream and the beautiful things to seep through terrible times. Ones perspective on life or events is crucially important because it will determine whether you are a victim or someone with power within. One learns from experience even the must brutal and horrible ones, one's perspective will change any bad experience into a learning experience that can give them strength, knowledge and pride. If one tries to constantly see the good or use experiences to create a better world then one will always feel happy. It also helps to see the beautiful things in life, rejoice in their simplicity and have more moments of tranquility and joy.


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